Hyde Original Tobacco Series 50mg Disposable Smooth 400 Puffs


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Nicotine Strength 5%
Liquid Capacity 1.8ml

Brand: Hyde. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of carrying multiple components as Hyde disposable vapes offer an all-in-one solution.

Series: Hyde Original. Discover the joy of vaping with Hyde Original, a device that’s ready to deliver incredible flavors and a seamless experience with every puff.

Department: Disposable. Indulge in a diverse array of flavors, from refreshing menthol to luscious dessert options, with Disposable Vapes.

Nicotine Strength: 5%. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Minors are prohibited from purchasing.

Color: Gradient two-color. HYDE adopts the appearance of two colors of gradation, which looks fashionable and cute.

Design: Pen-style. The series adopts the appearance of a pen, which looks delicate and cute.

Charging: Pre-charged. Hyde pre-charged Disposable Vapes are designed for maximum enjoyment with minimum effort. Elevate your vaping game with a device that’s simple, convenient, and brimming with flavor options.

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